Today’s spice is 「Oregano」


The origin of oregano is the Mediterranean coast. The part to be used as spice will be leaves. Oregano is a plant in which white flowers bloom reddish purple.
Oregano is characterized by a refreshing flavor, but you can not see it with much Japanese food. It is commonly used in Italian cuisine, especially compatible with tomato dishes.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: pungent
  • Function: heating
  • Work: headache from neuralgia, menstrual pain, muscle pain relief, recovery from mental and physical fatigue
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): pungent
  • VPK analysis: decrease Kapha and Vata

Oregano before drinking Baffarin! It might be good.

The name of Oregano seems to be coming from the Greek “Origanum”, which means “the pleasure of the mountain”. Even Greek alone has a sense of fashion.

Well, this spice, in Spice Seminar of ESBie Food Co., Ltd. who participated in the past, I learned how to use, addicted from it, I am using it a lot ! Its usage is simple, it only makes it with mayonnaise.

It is transformed into boiled potatoes, eggs, fish and salad sauce.
I like my acidity of mayonnaise and maybe it’s my favorite sauce.