Today’s spice is 「szechuan pepper」

「Fun, Yummy, healthy!」It is areUspicy to convey the charm of spices.

Today is the story of szechuan pepper.
The origin of hojo is China. It is the pericarp that you use as spice. This spice is not used in Ayurveda, but it is used in Chinese medicine such as traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal meal. Therefore, it is not listed in the Ayurvedic dictionary so VPK analysis is not done.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Anthelmintic effect: insect repellent
  • Promotes digestion: relieves dyspepsia, the effect of healthy stomach medicine
  • Analgesic action

And so on.

szechuan pepper looks a lot like a pepper but it is similar. It seems that hoared juice is stronger, as it is a pungent palate like a pepper. I tried to make sure the taste was a hoarse alone. Bitter … I thought that taste to use with the dentist’s stamping before filling.

The use of szechuan pepper, general is 麻婆豆腐(Mabo-tofu). However, it is not a spice that appears frequently on Japanese dining table. Well, I wonder if it is used for something other than that hoax or Chinese food? As I thought, it is indispensable for Woo Shan Fen who introduced yesterday. Combined with other spices, it fits Japanese dishes. Also, by adding salt to szechuan pepper, you can mix spice called ホアジョウエン, and deep-fried and sweet potatoes for ホクホク. It will be a different aroma taste than usual ^^