Today’s spice is 「Capsicum」


Chile, also called cayenne pepper, it is necessary spice for people who are constantly getting more and more.It is the part of the fruit used as spice, the country of origin is Central America.
Certainly, there is no Asian impression.

  • Taste: pungent
  • Function: Warm body
  • Work: Because vitamin C is abundant, it is good for acne and skin, relaxation of perspiration action, indigestion, muscle fatigue
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): pungent
  • VPK analysis: lower Kapha and Vata

Well today, I will introduce you peppers of chili peppers, as opposed to usual spice course. Because there are several kinds of capsicum, here are six types of introduction.
It is not in order of popularity, but from those weak in spicy.

Photo left Photo right
Name Jalapeno Hawk’s Claw
Features thick fruit blue pepper long and pointy shape
Size length about 6 cm length about 3 cm
Spicylevel Level 1 Level 2

Photo left Photo right
Name Brickinne Habanero
Features shapes resembling hawk nails, indispensable for Thai cuisine rounded shapes, yellow / red, orange
Size Length 2 ~ 3 cm Length 3 ~ 6 cm
Spicy level Level 3 Level 4

Photo left Photo right
Name Boot Joloquia Infinity / Chile
Features Shapes resembling peppers, wrinkles are gathered wrinkles are gathered
Size Length 6 ~ 8 cm Length about 6 cm
Spicy level Level 4 Level 5

In Japanese cuisine, hawk’s claws are often used.
And recently, I heard that you hear Jalapeno and Habanero, but what? I knew that they existed, it was like Columno.
It seems that Habanero and Infinity Chile are registered in Guinness Book. Even if it is harder than habanero, I wonder if my stomach hurts! What? Since I have not tried it myself yet, if I have the opportunity. .