Today’s spice is 「coriander」


In Japan, it may be familiar to people named Pakuchi.
This spice has various ways of being said see the past article
In the school I came to South India, I did not say anything to Pakuchi and everybody said it was coriander,
This follows South India.

Well, such a coriander increased the number of seeing the leaf part at the super, but that seems to be a story in recent years.
And I became happy to know that it is growing in Ibaraki and domestically.
It was precious spice that we can not meet in Japan until just tens of years ago.

When South India found coliander in Japanese supermarket, it seems that she was surprised to be too high.
In Japan, it is around 200 yen in 3 to 4 bunches, is not it? When it is South India, it was 30 yen or more at more than twice the amount.
If it is so cheap, you can eat bowl of coriander everyday! ! ! When.
I am surprised, too.

Besides leaves, coriander also uses seeds called seeds.
It is seed that is sold as spice. Powder is a powder of this seed.
Since the leaves are eaten in a raw state, the storage period is about a week in the refrigerator, but the seed has several months.
And there are differences in efficacy and disposition (Vata, Pitta, Kapa) little by little.

taste effect VPK
leaf pungent、bitter、astrigent increase digestion、cold in body   ↑VATA、PITTA、KAPHA
seed sweet、pungent、bitter、astrigent increase digestion、appetise、cough ↓VATA、PITTA、KAPHA

Temperament works the opposite way in leaves and seeds. Both of them work to maintain the balance of the internal temperament.

In the past, reduced salt with spice,
I talked that coriander can reduce salt, but when I see the taste, it does not contain salty taste.
It is mysterious. Is pungent and bitterness supplementing salty taste?
However, Doctor says, “I am using coriander for salt reduction in Japan, is it correct?”
When I heard it, I got an answer “I am very wonderful!” Because nutritiously coriander is better than salinity by nature.

It is very precious coriander as efficacy and temperament!
Both leaves and seeds are versatile.
※ However, the pittane temperament is taking too much attention.