Today’s spice is 「Cumin」


Origin of cumin is Egypt, brought up in a hot place. It is a plant with pinkish white flowers blooming. It seems that hair like spit is growing in the part which becomes spice. Cumin is a popular spice in the world, as it has been transplanted not only to Egypt but also to North Africa, India, Indonesia and China and even the United States.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: pungent, bitterness
  • Function: Warm body, promote digestion
  • Work: Relieve stomach upset, such as diarrhea, lower fever, eliminate vomiting
  • VPK analysis: Lower Vata and Kapha.

And it is a very good spice in the cold and gastrointestinal tract.

In Japan, cumin is not very familiar, but in reality everyone eats well, that, that is indispensable spice (I’ve already written in the title, haha).


It is certainly included in Japanese curry roux.
That should be that, this cumin is emitting a so – called curry smell (curry incense). When you smell incense with cumin alone, it is nothing like incense, but if you let it pass through,

I want to eat curry

Do it.
As well as incense, because it is a good spice for gastrointestinal tract, curry is good for the body too, is not it?
Is that so? It is loved by many people.
I’m starting to like to eat ark shell.