Today’s spice is 「Cardamom」


Origin of Cardamom is brought up in India and Sri Lanka, a warm place. It is a plant in which white flowers with reddish purple streaks are blooming. Such Cardamon is sweet and (as I want to say it is short), because it releases a refreshing incense, it seems that India has long been called Queen of Spice.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: sweetness, pungent
  • Function: Cool body, help digestion and improve appetite
  • Work: detoxification action, neurological balancing, bad breath
  • VPK analysis: Decrease Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

it is a very good spice for the body as well.

Cardamom incense emanates from this green-covered seed.
As I was using powder before South India, I was only slightly aware that a nice incense would have been noticed, but in cooking practice of training I excluded just the side of Cardamom with a stone mill Sometimes I was shocked

What a nice smell!

What I was pulling with stone mill was my aunt of cooking,
When I told her, “Awesome good fragrance!”, He smiled nicely and gave her a gentle looking cardamom softly.
After that, every time Cardamom appears in cooking practice, it is satisfying that the incense is incense.

It is used frequently in chai or curry. For me, it makes me feel happy just by being filled with the incense of Cardamom (not a strange meaning, lol).