Today’s spice is 「Cinnamon」


Origin of cinnamon grew up in Sri Lanka, a warm place. The part called cinnamon is bark, white flowers bloom in plants. Such cinnamon is used as an aroma now because it has a unique incense, but it is said that it was used to preserve Egyptian mummies in the past.

Cinnamon is commonly used in sweets. The same thing for the Japanese is the Yatsubashi in Kyoto. The powder is spreading cinnamon. Also, I will use it for a coffee or tea muddler in a retro cafe. For the unique fragrance and flavor, is it only me that feels as if there is a charm of demonic that attracts spirituality somewhat in addition to healing?

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: It is not pungent, bitter, sweet pungent. I do not feel it much for myself.
  • Function: Enhance appetite, promote digestion
  • Working: analgesic action, perspiration action, relaxation of thirst, throat regulation of circulatory organs, alleviate poor circulation
  • VPK analysis: Lower Vata and Kapha.

And it is a very wonderful spice to see its efficacy.

When searching with cinnamon, recently Sanrio’s character came out (I did not know this new character), if it says so, the name of the pet is pretty much … especially a small toy poodle.
Well, in Japan, the image of cinnamon will be brown and pretty, is not it (Sanrio’s character is not brown?) Either way, if I consider the efficacy for appearance and flavor, it is totally different It is an adult ‘s noble feeling, though.

As well as sweets, spices with good compatibility with curry, so you do not have to worry about how to use it.
It seems to be good for the substitution of sugar ^^