Today’s spice is 「Curry leaf」

Curry leaf

It is spice that I do not see much here in Japan, but it is heavily used in South India and cultivation is abundant. According to what I heard it was that Okinawa might be cultivated a little.

Well, although it comes with curry as a name, I do not use it separately only for curry and not for curry incense, so I do not think there is any particular relation, but when used in curry it is a very refreshing flavor Become.
I tasted three kinds of taste, pungent, bitter and sweet, but I also like to have astringent taste. .
Some people feel that it is medicine depending on the person.
As an effect on the body,

  • Decrease blood sugar level
  • Increase appetite
  • Antipyretic
  • Sterilization

And so on.
Also, three dispositionsAs the work of Vata, Pitta, Kapa introduced,

  • Lower Pitta and Kapa

So, let’s digest slowly. In other words, it makes me say that your stomach is good.

While I was practicing South India, I bought a curry leaf at the supermarket near the day before my return home. It is hard to see in the fresh state of the leaves from the branches so it does not get in. I stayed in a cafeteria in the cafeteria until the morning of the next morning. I thought that I would definitely forget because I am clattering in the morning, and I asked the staff to cooperate so that they would never forget, but the next day the staff is closed. And I forgot the draft ^^; Ayah. I wonder if you used it properly. So, I wanted to show you, but the picture is a curry leaf that is in a state of freshness that I got elsewhere.
When using, it is OK just put the leaves in curry or soup and cook them. It is OK even if cooked with rice.
Incense is very good, it is one of my favorite spices.