Today’s spice is 「Star anise」

Star anise

It looks so cute, since it has the shape of a star, is it the name of a star?
This spice is almost unfamiliar in Japan, but it seems that Chinese food is used as a part of seasoning.
To eat star anise alone, I will not do as long as it is not bad, but the taste has astringency and pungent taste and a little sweet taste. I felt a bitter taste, but ….
Well, star anises also contained good ingredients for the body

 * Relaxing symptoms of a cold
 * Dyspepsia
 * Relaxation of breathing disturbance
 * Rheumatism: It is used as a prescription for rheumatism in Oriental herbs
 And spice used as medicine, work well regardless of appearance.
Actually I did not know until recently that this spice is all-purpose.
I know the name and the shape, it is cute shape ~. Although I thought, I do not know how to use it. Even if you see it at a spice store (domestic), you can not get it until you buy it. Even though the shape is cute, it is a bit different (for one thrown in) for objects. With such a reason, a few months have passed.

When I asked a staff member of that shop about a favorite butter chicken curry at a South Indian restaurant of my duty, the butter chicken curry contains ** star anise ** and Do not say that! !
Care. I got a reason to buy! I made a lot of myself and purchased a lot of it in southern India.Perhaps I can make a considerable amount of curry.

Where you used star anise for curry ,,,
I will not disclose the medicine taste so much so I will publish the recipe again so please look forward to it ~.