Today’s spice is 「Turmeric」


In Japan, it is known by the name of turmeric, but it is the same thing so as not to make a mistake.Turmeric power nutrition drinks are commercialized at a group company of house foods, but house foods are familiar with curries of ru. It seems that I was keeping an eye on spices from early.

Well, such popular turmeric is a spice that grows in tropical Asia, cultivation is also prosperous in India, as well as in Okinawa. (I tried asking the domestic turmeric company to let me talk about turmeric, but no achievement)
It is absolutely included in the curry rho (yellow color is it), but how much is Yellow’s yellow is also turmeric (some are excluded). Colored spice that just produces yellow?
wrong. . .
Turmeric contains a lot of good ingredients for the body.
Turmeric contains ingredients such as potassium, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, etc. It is most suitable for prevention of liver diseases(especially necessities for rice bran).
Besides that, it also helps troubles the skin.
The pack of coconut oil and turmeric powder is also ideal for beauty.
In terms of taste classification, it corresponds to bitterness. I will lower my appetite.
Also, in temperament, I have work to lower Pitta and Kapa. (↓ P & K)