Today’s spice is 「Cloves」


The origin of the clove is the Molucca archipelago. ※ The Molucca islands are in the archipelago in Indonesia, and it was called the fragrant islands (spice islands) in that long ago, especially as spice trade was actively conducted with Westerners and Chinese people.
It is tropical breeding. A red flower blooms, but it is the part of the bud that is used as spice. There is not familiar at all in Japan, but spice is active in the world.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: bitterness, pungent
  • Function: Warm body and gastrointestinal
  • Work: relax antibacterial action, gastrointestinal upset, toothache relief, insect repellent
  • VPK analysis: lower Vata and Kapa and raise Pitta

And, while being small, it is spice that works just like a medicine.

In such cloves, the amount to be used at one time is about one or two pieces, but still enough aroma is strong, the indication is also powerful. When I lick it alone, I feel a tingling flavor on my tongue. It seems that it has been used as a medicine for stopping toothache from long ago. In the past, I heard that it is easier to relax when placing a dead circle in the affected area as an emergency treatment of toothache (I have also seen the person who actually did), it seems that the same can be coped with the cloves. Certainly the incense feels like medicine.

I frequently use it for curry, but I think that it is compatible with soup, boiled dishes, fruits such as apples and oranges. When it is used for fruits, it seems to stick the cloves into fruits and bake it to show the flavor of the clove. It is outstanding compatibility with sweet spices such as cinnamon.