Today’s spice is 「Tamarind」


The origin of Tamarindo is Africa tropical region, brought up in a hot place. Using spices is part of the fruit, but yellow flowers with red streaks bloom.
It is one of the few spices that brings acidity. Is it due to its sourness, in some areas of India “there is evil spirit in Tamarindo” seems to have a legend. It is not a dangerous spice by any means.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: sour, sweet
  • Function: Warm body
  • Work: relieve constipation, good for kidney and liver, beauty is also good due to abundant vitamins
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): acidity
  • VPK analysis: lower Kapha and Vata

And not only good for the body but also beauty.
The photo on the left is paste and the photo on the right is solid.
In case of solid, it is necessary to return with water. It tends to be fun with the pace (lol)

When I first went to South India (Kerala State), my cooking class was a non-vegetable class. Speaking of South India, it is unsatisfactory even though it is a fish. It happened to be a beachfront cafe. The fish curry I ate there was delicious. When I asked for the way to make it to the people in the shop, I will see a chef in front of a young man. I will tell you it’s easy because it’s easy. I listened to the recipe politely and carefully. I know well the circumstances of Japan, even if there is nothing that is not available, I’m OK but put “Tamarind” in it.

Tamarid? What?

I say that the chef is “Masarin”, “Ta~marind is black”, but I have always thought of being turmeric. How much to add turmeric, misunderstanding how to put in different colors? . After going home for more than a month, when there was a point of intersection, “Tamarind is!”

I often use it for curry,
We use it for sour taste such as use for Indian cuisine Lassam and Sambal.