VPK気質の適食材/VPK disposable ingredients





食材 ヴァー タ ピッタ カパ
穀類 お米、コーン   大麦、粟 コーン、麦芽
果物 りんご メロン  バナナ
オレンジ いちぢく
野菜  人参 ブロッコリー さつまいも
かぶ かぼちゃ きゅうり
なすび レタス トマト
スパイス シナモン クミン クミン
黒胡椒 クローブ 生姜
カルダモン フェネグリーク マスタード
 クローブ  塩    





  • 私:「日本には、居酒屋のメニューの定番だったり、冷やしトマトは手軽に栄養が摂れるんだと信じてやまないんだ」

  • ドクター:「そうみたいですね、暑いときには特に喉越しヒンヤリで美味しいは分かるのですが、体内には栄養になってないですよ~笑」


Today, I’m talking about VPK disposable ingredients.

Which temperament are you? , We will proceed with the premise that you grasped your own temperament.
※VPK is Vata, Pitta, Kappa.

Depending on the temperament and constitution, things that are well digested in the body and become sources of nutrition are different. Knowing the ingredients that match your own temperament will not make your menu a bit more ornate.

Ingredients Vata Pitta Kapha
Cereals rice, corn barley, millet corn, malt
Fruit apple melon banana
Pear Orange
Vegetable Carrots Broccoli Sweet Potato
Kabu pumpkin cucumber
Norwegian Lettuce Tomato
Spices cinnamon cumin cumin
Black pepper clove ginger
Cardamom Fennegreek Mustard
Clove Salt

First of all, it seems better to refrain from spice temperament. Spicy with strong pungent ingredients such as chili is wary of caution.
And common thing to note is that

salad is not good (like Ayurveda).

Even if it is fresh, raw vegetables are chief reasons to cool the body and not to become nutritious to the body.

Salads are readily available at convenience stores, supermarkets, etc, and although I did not need cooking, I felt like something good for my body, but I am surprised to hear this story.
Salad when I was in trouble, I was not helping anything.
Vegetables are basically absorbed into the body by absorbing nutrition of ingredients most effectively by taking it in the body after passing through fire.

This time I want to eat in particular, that, chilled tomatoes seems to be NG! !

  • Me:”In Japan, I believe that it is a staple of a menu of Izakaya or that chilled tomatoes are easily nourished,”
  • Dr:”It looks like it is, especially when it is hot, I can taste delicious with a sweet smell, but I do not get nutrition inside the body ~ haha.”

If the heat is relieved a little, try incorporating warm vegetables little by little.

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