Today’s spice is 「arugula」


Origin is the Mediterranean coast and West Asia. It is a plant where cream-colored flowers bloom. The part to use as spice, leaves. It is a spice often used in Italian cuisine, I feel that it is not very familiar in Japan, recently it is popular, in Europe, it is spice that has been used since ancient Greece.

◆ Taste
Pungent, bitterness

◆ Indication
Antibacterial action, anti-cancer action, other thrombosis prevention

◆ VPK analysis

◆ Ingredients
β-carotene, magnesium, phosphorus, allyl isothiocyanate

◆ Cooking
Raw ham and cheese, palmigiano reggano, tomato dishes, soup etc.

※ Disposition and VPK analysis will be Ayurveda theory. For details, please click here.

There is a scent similar to sesame when biting Rucco’s leaves, is it? What? Sesame fragrance …?
Shamefully I do not understand the scent.

Do you have a menu called “Serbatika” at a full-fledged Italian restaurant? This is a varietal which is said to be the rucola’s prototype, also called “Ruccola Cell Vatica” and is a spice indispensable for Italian cuisine as well as Rucola.