Celery has different likes and dislikes, but very versatile

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areUspicy is to convey the charm of spices.

Today is the story of Celery.

Origin is Southern Europe and Sweden. It is familiar celery with vegetables. Parts used in vegetables are leaves and stems, but the parts used as spices are divided into seeds (the pictures are not available for vegetable celery).
Like the leaves and stems of celery seeds, there are unique fragrances, odor and bittersweet.
In ancient Rome and Greece, it was used as a medicinal rather than as a vegetable. It is indeed painful for good medicine.

Well, although it’s efficient

  • Taste: pungent
  • Function: Heating body
  • Working: Diuretic action, Intestinal action, Treatment of eye inflammation, Sweating action, Treatment of bruise, Treatment of rheumatism
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): pungent
  • VPK analysis: increase Kapha

It is definitely medicine when you see efficacy. It is all-purpose.
In recent years, there are many productions in Shizuoka and Nagano etc, and vegetables familiar in Japan (although there was no recognition of spice), it was in the late 16th century that I came into Japan. It seems that Kiyoshi Kato was also called “Seiji carrot” because it brought back for fake carrot seed. In other countries, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, says, “If nerves are lost, you should eat celery and take medicine”.

It is celery compatible with tomato dish. Besides, it is good to use for dressing, stewed dishes and pickles.
So that makes it easy I made celery pickles (pickles?).
I mixed salt, clove, pepper, chili peppers in vinegar, soaked celery there.

If you do this, you can eat a bite.

◆◇◆ Enjoy your spice life ◆◇◆


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