Today’s spice is 「Rosemary」


Origin is the Mediterranean coast. It is a plant bluish purple or a light blue flower, and the part to use as spice is a leaf. Many are familiar with rosemary, but have a scientific name of Rosemarinus. This is Latin, which means 「Drop of the sea」, and it is said that it was named so that the light blue flowers remind us of the color and shape of the Mediterranean Sea. Scientific name is somehow romantic, but rosemary is one of the old spices of history, and it seems that is commonly used for myths and ceremonies as a symbol of love.
Also, rosemary has this myth.
“When the Virgin Mary covered the blue mantle with a fragrant herbal bush, the next morning the whitewashed flowers had turned blue the same as the mantle.”
From such a legend, flowers that symbolize Mr. Mary are roses, so it came to call it Rose of Mary = Rosemary. This is also a stylish story.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: pungent,bitter
  • Function: Heating body
  • Working: Increase memory and concentration, effective allergy relief such as hay fever, effect on poor circulation and rheumatism
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): pungent
  • VPK analysis: decrease Vata,Kapha

And not only fashionable stories, modern people have a pleasant efficacy.

The scent has a refreshing feeling, and there is a unique strong flavor.
Usage is compatible with meat and fish dishes, soup and potatoes, vegetables, etc. Also you can enjoy taste by pickling in oil or vinegar, it seems to be good for afternoon cake and herb tea etc.

In ancient Greece, it seems that the scent of rosemary was made to make the brain clearer, and it was said that students were wearing rosemary for study consolidation when studying There is. When there are important tests and work you want to concentrate, if you scent the rosemary or drink herbal tea, maybe you can get results beyond your ability! What? You do not have to.