Today’s spice is 「caraway」


Origin is Western Asia and Europe. It is a plant that a small white flower blooms, the part used as spice is a seed. The character way seems to have been used in ancient Roman times, it is one of history spices.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: pungent
  • Function: Heating body
  • Working: Gastrointestinal medicine, cold medicine, bactericidal effect
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): pungent
  • VPK analysis: decrease Vata,Kapha

And spices that can be useful not only for medicine.

This spice has a very interesting legend,

  • Caraway is an indispensable ingredient for love cure
  • If you put a caraway together, things will not be stolen

Such. It is said that the character way has the power to hold people and things.
In the old days,

  • Stop holding the heart of a lover, that is to keep love permanent
  • Let the livestock feed, that is not missing

Such. I do not really know whether it is true or superstitious.

What kind of taste does spice with such power to hold back on! What? Although I get interested, I tasted like a refreshing mint when I made it as a single pick with a single body. I felt a slight sweetness across my throat.

How to use, bread, cheese, stewed dishes, potato salad, baked apple. It is also used for German Kyumerunjin, Dutch gin, Scandinavian acwabit liquor and so on.

Since I had a question saying “It is similar to cumin and it seems to be confusing”, I tried to compare. The photo on the left is the character way, the right is the cumin. The appearance is almost the same, the color is somewhat, the color way is dark, brownish. If you smell the fragrance without saying your mouth you will understand the difference in one shot. The caraway is refreshing in flavor and fragrance.