Today’s spice is 「Saffron」


Origin of saffron is Southern Europe and West Asia. The part to use as spice is a pistil of flowers. Many spices use leaves and fruit, but flowers and pistils are about saffron. By drowning in water, golden pigment moves, so it is used for coloring rice and sweets, but in Japan we do not see it much.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: pungent,bitter,sweet
  • Function: cooling
  • Work: rejuvenative,carminative,emmenagogue
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): sweet
  • VPK analysis: Vata and Kapha and Pitta equality

It is insanely expensive to buy in Japan, is this. Japan is particularly expensive, but saffron is expensive worldwide as well. Why?

Saffron is a pistil of flowers, but only three can be taken from one flower. 170,000 flowers are needed to take 1 kg of saffron.
Personnel expenses
Sometimes I collect it one by one by hand, and I have a lot of time and labor involved.

Spanish paella is typical, but in addition it is used in Italian cuisine Milano style risotto, bouilla base, sweets and so on. For easy enjoyment, saffron tea just pouring hot water seems to be good ♪

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