スパイスとハーブの違い/spice and herbal difference


「Fun, Yummy, healthy!」It is areUspicy to convey the charm of spices.

Today is the story of spice and herbal difference.

When I started writing blogs for areuspicy, I was talking about the difference between spices and herbs [see the past article] (http://areuspicy.com/?p=113), the other day’s lecture Because the explanation received was easy to understand, I could understand smoothly, so I explain it without reviewing it.

Spice and herbs are often set, S&B foods are typical, and communication courses are often spice&herbs. I think myself is something similar.
When classified academically

Herb refers to the leaves and flowers of plants.
Spice refers to everything including trees and fruits.

It seems to be like this.
If you understand in the diagram one shot.
![](http://areuspicy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ Spice and herbs.png)

In the future, I think that leaf things will be explained as spice course, at that time, what? It tried to explain here so as not to be confused a bit with herbs. Herb is part of spice In a corner of my head ^^ I will be going to test here.






今後、葉ものもスパイス講座として説明していこうと思っていて、その時に、え?それハーブでしょっと混乱させないように、説明してみました。ハーブはスパイスの一部ということを頭の片隅に^^ ここテストに出ますよ(笑)

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Alpinia zerumbet curry (there is room for improvement)

「Fun, Yummy, healthy!」It is areUspicy to convey the charm of spices.

Today, I am talking about Alpinia zerumbet (ゲットウ).
The other day、i write this articleOkinawa herbs Alpinia zerumbet、I regret strongly that I should have asked people in the store how to make it, but I tried making it for the time being.
I did not understand how to handle the moon peach, but this time I tried to do squeezing take-in instead of just putting it in.

  • Put water in a pot
  • I put in 2 Alpinia zerumbet there (I divided it into 5 equal pieces)
  • Simmered stew
  • Paste with mixer

Leaves and fiber parts will remain, so remove them and extract only the liquid. The fragrance is thin only with leaves, but by crushing the leaves, the fragrance ingredient has bursted out and it has got a very good scent, good colors like green tea came out too.

Well, curry. If it is normal it adds water, cow milk, coconut milk and other moisture to basic gravy (which becomes curry roux), but this time, I made the moisture earlier, changed to Alpinia zerumbet juice and stewed it.
It looks like it always changes. When you make it to curry, the scent of other spices won, the fragrance of the Alpinia zerumbet faded, but the taste is good & Alpinia zerumbet extract plenty!

I ate at the shop also smelled the Alpinia zerumbet. While recollecting.Maybe you use flowers? Can you stand on spinach curry? And, we need a bit more improvement ^^
Thank you for the meal.

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  • 鍋い水を張って
  • そこに月桃2枚分を入れ(1枚を5等分ぐらいにしました)
  • グツグツ煮込み
  • ミキサーでペースト




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Okinawa herbs Alpinia zerumbet

「Fun, Yummy, healthy!」It is areUspicy to convey the charm of spices.

Today, I am talking about Alpinia zerumbet (ゲットウ).

Okinawa herbs, Alpinia zerumbet. It contains more polyphenols than wine and it seems to have antioxidant action.
It is a very refreshing fragrance, it is sold in lotions etc. from its efficacy.
Unfortunately we can not see the flowers at this time because it is a plant with white flowers bloom around May, but in Okinawa it seems to be a plant planted around there. Will it look like bamboo leaves?

! [] (http://areuspicy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/DSC_0444.jpg)

Tsukimo, it was not the target from the beginning.
It is not an exaggeration to say thanks to the fact that the antenna of the spice was standing but it is the cafeteria of Naha city where there is meeting.
So, I ate spice curry. At that time, spice rather than Alpinia zerumbet! What? I jumped to.
So, when you look at the menu

Alpinia zerumbet curry

Is not it written as!

Alpinia zerumbet? ゲットウ? what’s that. . But I have written Okinawa’s spice. . I have to confirm the taste here, and challenge.
What incense is fresh. Flavor is honest, taste of Alpinia zerumbet, bitter? Astringent? I do not know what it is.
However, other spices were included, so delicious ~!!
I do not feel stylish in instruments, but curry and rice are also free to change on self-service.

When telling this story to the instructor,
Because moon peach is not a thing to buy, I got a leaf of the fresh moon peach growing, so that it goes to take it.
I want to try making it myself, challenge Alpinia zerumbet curry tonight ^^;

Recipe, at a later date.

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◆◇◆ Enjoy your spice life ◆◇◆










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Garlic is a source of stamina

「Fun, Yummy, healthy!」It is areUspicy to convey the charm of spices.

Today is the story of garlic.

Origin of ginger is throughout Asia. I am raised much in Japan, too. Around the early summer, white flowers that are light purplish are blooming. As it is used in Japanese, Chinese, Western food and cuisines of all genres, was familiar food ingredients, rather it was spice? I think so.

Well, although it’s efficacy,

  • Taste: pungent, bitter, sweet, astringent, sweet (surprising because all taste except acidity is contained)
  • Function: Warm body
  • Work: Fatigue restoration, appetite promotion, antibacterial action, prevention of infectious diseases
  • VIPAKA (taste after digestion): pungent
  • VPK analysis: lower Vata and Kapha

When you take energy when you do not get well, it is physical strength, energy power up.
Garlic has been used since ancient Egyptian times and it is spice that was useful as a stamina source for workers in pyramid construction. Even in modern times, it is used for nourishing tonic drinks and supplements.

How to use Indian curry garlic. It is surprising! What?
The incense peculiar to garlic is the most fragrant incense in its raw condition, so its incense is quite relieved by cooking, so if you cook it as curry it will not come at all. Others are garlic fried rice and tomato soup, it is tasty.

Speaking of curry, I ate a cheap curry at a cafeteria for the first time in half a year tonight …
It was not Indian curry because it was not recognized as curry, but it was never unpleasant, but the gastrointestinal does not get warm, it does not sweat, aftertaste also gets thirst very much afterwards> Even though I did not eat dry curry. I thought that Japanese curry should be about once a year.

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  • 味:辛味、苦味、甘味、渋味、甘味(酸味以外の味すべてが入ってるというので驚き)
  • 機能:体を温める
  • 働き:疲労回復、食欲増進、抗菌作用、感染症予防
  • VIPAKA(消化後の味):辛味
  • VPK分析:ヴァータとカパを下げる




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The relationship between disposition and attributes

「Fun, Yummy, healthy!」It is areUspicy to convey the charm of spices.

Today, I am talking about the relationship between disposition and attributes.
Although it sounds a little difficult, since there is no such thing, I think that you can get involved^^
In the past explained three dispositions (Toridosha theory) explained that there are three temperament of Vata, Pitta, Kapa. And this time the attribute here,

  • Age
  • Day
  • Night

These will be. Age group and time zone, these also have a difference in temperament in temperament.

Dosha property Age Day Night
VATA dry old age(60over) Nigth 2~3 o’clock
PITTA fire 16~55years Afternoon midnight
KAPHA slow 0~15years morning afternoon~22 o’clock

If you look closely in the contents of this table,

  • Night tends to dry up, or when it comes to the senior generation, it becomes a dry structure.
  • Digestive capacity is functioning 16 to 55 years old even during your lifetime. Or, it is the fastest digestion in the afternoon even in a day.
  • Time ranges slowly from 0 to 15 years old. , Or from the time the school or work ends until 22 o’clock the body is likely to be slow.

It is interpretation like this.
As Ayurveda, we propose that features of Vata, Pitta, Kapa are likely to appear at generations and at times of the day or night. Together with your own temperament, if you pay attention to the period and time zone in which the same temperament is likely to rise, you may be able to live more pleasantly for your body. It is quite difficult for modern people though.

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  • 年代
  • 1日の時間帯
  • 夜の時間帯


気質 特徴 年代 1日の時間帯 夜の時間帯
ヴァータ 乾燥 60代以降、いわゆるシニア世代 夜2~3時
ピッタ 消化が早い 16~55歳、いわゆる活動世代 午後 真夜中
カパ ゆっくり 0~15歳、いわゆる幼少期、青年期 夕方~22時


  • 夜が乾燥しがち、または、シニア世代になると乾燥体質になる。
  • 一生の中でも16~55歳が消化能力が機能してる。または、1日のうちでも午後は一番消化が早い。
  • 0~15歳はゆっくり時間が流れてい。、または、学校や仕事が終わる時間から22時までは体がゆっくりしがちだったり求めている。


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